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  • mopar block search
    I have tried to search for the year of the dodge 360 engine in my car. I can't seem to find it on the internet. I have a number from the left side of the block, which is ... read more
  • The Real Deal
    The Real Deal. How many times. Gone are the days of actually having to look something up in a catalog. These are the days when you do not even have to ask your parent abo... read more

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Show Date: Thursday Dec 6 2018
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  • California Wildfires Keep On Raging
    California Wildfires Keep On Raging. Looks like no end in Site. I know fire fighters from all over the country are moving in to contain the fires and work on saving what ... read more
    Scammers at it again. Here is an email I received today from a scammer. I figured I would post the email and all the associated Text. Most folks are too smart to fall for... read more
  • California Wild Fires
    Please take a moment this fine Sunday morning and pray for our Family, Friends and members who are dealing with the Wild Fire in California. I for one was very lucky last... read more
  • Super Tuesday get out and vote
    Super Tuesday tomorrow. No matter which side you are on remember one thing. If you did not at least take a minute to get out and vote you have no ground to stand on when ... read more

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