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  • Battery drain
    While working on A/c and installing new seats---came across a worse problem---after sitting for a few days--battery will go dead--charge and drive OK for about 3-4 days. ... read more
  • Louisville
    Going to Louisville for the first time since the "big change". Looking forward to it.... read more
  • chevy 350 trans
    I have a 350 transmission leak and have been told to ad about 3 oz,s of brake fluid and the leak will stop. Has any one here ever tried that. Whats your thoughts. ... read more

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  • Education Is Expensive
    A College education is expensive and adding the cost of gaining common sense while on the long road of life adds to that expense. If you are in college and come to reali... read more
  • Do you wear your seat belt
    Do you wear your seat belt Here is a old story but a real reminder of what can happen on the open road. I sometimes do not wear my seat belt when I am cruising around ... read more

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