A classic car does not have to be pristine

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Purchase price: $2,150
Repairs: $800
Total invested: $2,950
Sale price: $5,500

I always admired these cars growing up. To me, they were simply beautiful. The Supreme version of the Cutlass coupe had its own rear-end styling that I thought made the car.

My dad found this one for me in 1994 — it was 24 years old. The passenger side had a dent, and the red paint was faded. But it had the largest engine available that year, a 455-cubic-inch V-8, and drove perfectly. Dad was threatening to buy it if I didn’t, which sealed the deal for me. I paid the seller on the spot and took it home.

I enjoyed driving that car for 10 years. It was the perfect cruising companion on summer nights — smooth, powerful and good-looking. I sold it to my brother at one point, and then I cajoled him into selling it back to me because I missed it. Everyone who rode in that car loved it. I think the Cutlass transported them back to a simpler, better time.

I spent some money on paint and bodywork over the years, but nothing major. I eventually sold it for more than twice what I paid for it.

A classic car doesn’t have to be in pristine condition to be enjoyed. I took good care of my ride but didn’t obsess over it. I didn’t have a bundle invested, so a door ding wasn’t the end of the world. I could just cruise and relax, like the folks who built it intended.
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