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From time to time i come across a great story.

Well here’s my story, My dad passed in 1985 when I was 10 when I was 6 he owned a 1970 GMC 2500 4x4 and I guess it was the start of my 67-72 obsession. I think he only owned the truck for a few years but I can remember playing inside with the shifter and eating A&W off of the glove box door/table. Anyways I told my wife it would be cool to find it and restore it , Sounds easy . Well the truck was kicking around our small Canadian town as a Plow truck till 98 then it was sold to a guy who brought it into International Falls Mn . That’s when the trail goes cold . I knew the last person who owned it in Canada so I had him give me the VIN # so I could try to search for it . I found nothing, Then one day I saw it come up on Facebook locally in USA of course so I could hardly hold the phone as I called the guy that had it and as he read the VIN numbers to me it was like winning the lottery must feel like but there was a snag “No title “ so after talking to both customs and a broker and our DMV I had a plan in place . Then the guy tells me the reason he was selling was because he had cancer and was going down hill but that he’d just received better news and now didn’t want to sell . My heart sank but he said if or when he was ready to part with it that I could just have it . Wow happy,Sad,happy so this was May 2018 . Then the day before my birthday April 2019 he messaged me and asked if I was still interested ? I told him I think about it every day, So he said come and get it !!! I had to go see him right away and it felt like a dream the whole time but now it sits in my garage waiting .... sentiment is a powerful thing . Thanks for the post an congrats to the best site . The first pic is of my dad in 1980 ? And the second is in my garage it amazingly still runs and drives and was still working (plowing) 49 years later.

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