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So last night about 3 am I was listening to Free Bird and hauling a load of sand through the heart of West Virginia and I started to think about the things I’ve seen and done since the whole Trump presidency legacy started.

When I was 19 I got on a plane and flew into Oklahoma City, hopped into a semi and drove to Texas where I started a 6 month journey zig zagging my way through the heartland (I was custom harvesting which is ag exempt so I could cross state lines under 21). These 6 months were the last 6 months of the election. As I went from small no-named town to small no-named town I started to notice a trend. The generational family farmers were scared. They were making plans to sell of their land and equipment and trying to think of what they could do to make a living after Killary took the office because they weren’t going to be able to afford to farm anymore and they were going to be so regulated and taxed that it wouldn’t be worth it. In Dighton, Kansas I met a Vietnam marine who was a farmer his entire life and he got a tear in his eye when he told me this was likely going to be his last year harvesting because he couldn’t afford what Clinton had planned. As my journey continued I started noticing something else. TRUMP signs. Everywhere. People had homemade trump signs on dead end roads in the middle of BFE with no traffic and no neighbors. They didn’t have anyone to to persuade. They had them out because they believed in what trump was about and what he was going to do for the American farmer and that gave them hope and that got the 80 year old farmers who had never voted before to the poles to help Trump get the win.

So now Trump is in office and the American farmers are struggling but they are still farming. People don’t realize that farmers have the biggest spider web of economical impact than anyone else. Farmers need tractors from factories that are employing Americans. Farmers need fuel from pipelines and wells. Brought in by trucks. They need seed and fertilizer processed in plants also brought to them by trucks and so on. Farmers have a never ending impact on the economy and the bumper sticker says no farmers no food but it’s really much more than that. We need farmers and Trump knows that too.

Now I’m 21 and I’m driving semis to oil wells in West Virginia. I’m hauling sand out of places like Hannibal, Ohio. Mingo junction, Ohio. Allenport, Pennsylvania. Jerry Run, West Virginia. All of these places are huge industrial steel and coal towns. One day I drove up to Allenport, Pa and I ended up at what I thought was an abandoned industrial park. Huge huge buildings abandoned with broken windows, shitty roofs, and failing foundations. I drove to the end of the park where there was a worker in the scale house and I walked in and talked to him he told me how to get around the place. So I was driving through this park and I notice a bulldozer grading a giant lot beside the existing buildings. I got loaded with sand went back into the scale house and asked the guy what that was about. He told me with what Trump has done with the taxes and tariffs on steel they are firing up again, redoing the existing buildings, hiring more people, and building a new building. Driving out of that town there was nothing but Trump signs and American flags.

This wasn’t just one case. All of these towns are firing up coal chutes that haven’t been used in 25 years. Barges of coal are moving up and down the Ohio river again. Power plants, steel mills, coal mines, sand yards, they are all coming alive again. Wells are being drilled and pipelines are being laid that never could be because of obama. Again these all have a huge effect on the economy people don’t even think about. Guys are coming in staying in hotels, getting fuel, buying food, buying materials to get the job done. All of these wheels are turning the the media has nothing to say about it.

So for to the American who can see this Trump train in motion, good for you. Keep on keeping on.

To the soft, uneducated liberal who thinks their opinion about all this matters and the media is doing their job and you want to see Trump at work, pack a lunch and take a seat. I’ll show you around.

Lastly to the news reporters and democrats in New York and DC, until you get out and see the wheels of America turning by the working people, you can take your “news reports” and political agenda and shove them up your ass cause we are making it great again

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  • okie34
    Sep 27, 2018 at 8:29 AM

  • Well said. I see the same thing happening here in Oklahoma.

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