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Downs windows

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If anyone knows let me know.

2017 Frog Follies

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The weather is looking great or this years Frog Follies. E'ville Iron and NSFA welcomes all pre 48 car owners to show and shine at
the Vanderburg 4 H Center Aug 25-27. (NSFA is the National Street Frog Association) Windshield stickers are available this year, only at the event though....

Who is going to Louisville

  Views: 537   Comments: 15

im going on wednesday.
gray/silver 4 door silverado in swap meet
same space
anybody else??...

Digital Gauges

  Views: 149   Comments: 7

Getting tired of watching the Dakota Digital constant flashing and am considering going to analog as a replacement. Any suggestions?...

Edelbrock 347 crate motor

  Views: 83   Comments: 1

I'm getting rid of my mustang project (cars not worth anything) however I have a edelbrock crate 347 I've never even took out of the crate, still even have the edelbrock brake in oil.

This is the link to the motor

I have a crate transmission (still in the box with the flywheel, I'll ad a link to that as well if anyone is interested) and a rebuilt 9" with a Yukon posi...

Positive Battery Cable from the Trunk

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I want to ask a question about battery cables.

I hate to admit it, but I have been running on the previous owners welding wire setup to provide the POSITIVE 12V to my starter and electrical system. (Battery is in the trunk, and no I'm not relying on the high carbon frame for grounding.) I'm rounding up some parts for some off-season maintenance projects I want to do to my car, and I thought I'd just run over to Jegs with a list. (I live in Columbus, OH - they had another store in Cols, but ...

Battery,solienod,starter Problem

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Supposed fully charged Optima yellow battery, Sometimes it starts the car other times I turn the key and NOTHING except volt meter and gauges read O volts .--Auto Meter electronic gauges
??Weak solenoid,bad battery,or bad starter??
350 crate engine in a 40 Ford Coupe battery in Trunk.

Carburetor Riser

  Views: 493   Comments: 12

If your intake has the two long oval holes, can/should you use a 4 hole riser or the matching riser? The four hole matches the carb obviously but they make both so.....



New Wheels 1937 Chevy Coupe

  Views: 199   Comments: 6

New Wheels 1937 Chevy Coupe. The vintiques are great wheels but the old school look just does not work for me. So I bought a set of used torques. What do you think???...

Bay Bridge opens

  Views: 92   Comments: 2

This is the first crossing!
Note the Ferrys still running....

Please Welcome Our New Vendor Shoebox Central

  Views: 666   Comments: 4

Shoebox Central is owned and operated by Chris and Hollie Whittington. We specialize in 49-53 Ford and Mercury parts. We take your needs seriously and are the most knowledgeable parts professionals in the 49-53 Ford and Mercury parts business. We can help you with any new or used part you need and will take the time to answer all of your questions and advise on technical matters free of charge as always. When you call Shoebox Central, you are getting much more than an order taker, you get someon...

Thanks to a fellow street rodder

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I'd like to thank Verne Rambaud for sending me 2 of the '37 Ford windshield joint covers tthat I was getting desperate for I still haven't been able to find anyone who reproduces them, so was getting desperate, when Verne offered to send me his spare clip. Not only did he send me two of them free, but wouldn't even take a reimbursement for postage! Thanks again Verne. Just shows how helpful some of the members on here can be....

Options wanted

  Views: 247   Comments: 9

I have started working again on a 48 Ford convertible that i have had for over 20 years. Back then, I set it up for a TH350 transmission. I have been thinking about something with OD now. But the rear gear is a 273. My thoughts now are 273 & OD would not be good together. What are you guys thoughts?


Hot Rod business must be pretty slow

  Views: 150   Comments: 4

Hot Rod business must be pretty slow. My old buddy Richard Rawlings is now selling pants. Looks like a multiple income situation. ...

Ground Strap

  Views: 1492   Comments: 23

If I'm running a ground strap from the engine to the frame, does it need to be substantial like 0/1? I know I've heard that running from a bell housing bolt to the frame is good. Ring in here guys! Thanks!...

Can someone tell me what this is for

  Views: 134   Comments: 4

At the point of my pen there is a stud that moves back and forth when you push down on the lock button on the shifter. What did it used to do? I don't think I need it, but would like to know what it's original function was.  Probably should have said this is a GM shifter for a 700 R4.


AC Delco Spark Plug Question

  Views: 211   Comments: 6

I removed the spark plugs on my 1937 Chevy coupe.

AC Delco Spark Plug Question . Have any of your rodders ever used these spark plugs? The AC Delco #1. I have an old socket for removing spark plugs that I have been using for years. The spark plug is too long and the socket is too short once the ratchet is inserted. As you can tell by the photos the AC Delco #1 spark plug is longer than a traditional R45 Spark plug. I have never seen that before how about you?? Willie Moore...

A sleep at the wheel

  Views: 606   Comments: 11

Crash on the way to b'ham al not much left totaled all three.No I was not driving & no one got hurt just a little sore.Those big concrete power poles refuse to move...

Training my Nephew Matt

  Views: 102   Comments: 4

Training my Nephew
Training my Nephew . Teaching him how to change the pads and rotors on his Mustang. Spent a couple of hours walking him through the process. Saved a few hundred bucks by doing it him self....

Please Visit Our Vendor Flaming River

  Views: 989   Comments: 4

Please visit flaming river and thank them for being a lone standing supporter of They have a lot of great parts and are always ready to help with your build.

Interior Work 1966 Corvette

  Views: 284   Comments: 2

Interior Work 1966 Corvette Rusty's corvette adding new carpet and some other small interior updates. Work being done a Mikes upholstery in Alvin Texas. A small shop with one hard working man taking care of all the business....

Thanks Dolphin Gauges

  Views: 147   Comments: 4

I would just like to say thank you to Dolphin Gauges. I bought a set of their gray curved glass gauges a number of years ago and just got around to installing them. In the process I discovered the voltage gauge was bad. I called Dolphin and was told to send them the gauge and they would send me a new one. A few days later Dolphin called me and said the color of the gauge I sent back is no longer sold but she looked through discontinued merchandise and found one the matched the same color and c...

Every now and then

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Every now and then I have to work on some late model stuff. My wife has a 2008 Lexus GS350 and the trunk would not open with the button located in the car of with the key fob. First I checked the valet switch and it was in the right position. Then to the internet I went. Seems to be a problem area on the Lexus. Disconnected the battery ( A good reason to clean the battery terminals anyway) and left it disconnected for 10 minutes while cleaning the terminals. Once reconnected now the trunk opens....

Cobra loaded on the truck

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Cobra loaded on the truck. Sold the Cobra to a man in North Carolina the shipper showed up at 915 Sunday night. So he got to load the cobra in the dark... Auto shippers always late... Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Looking for '37 ford windshield joint covers

  Views: 110   Comments: 1

Looking for a supplier for the chrome/stainless joint covers for the joint in a '37 Ford windshied. I've tried the online catalogues for Bob Drake, Mac's, CG Ford Parts, Dennis Carpenter with no luck. I'm sure I saw them somewhere once, but can't find them now....I have one on and old frame, but would like to buy two new ones if possible. Thanks, Bill...

1936 Chevy Coupe Progress

  Views: 258   Comments: 5

1936 Chevy Coupe Progress Finally had some time today to install the new instrument cluster and fuel cell. Have a few loose ends to complete on the fuel cell install. Felt good to get a little work done today on the old coupe. Willie Moore...

1957 Chevy Pro Street Project

  Views: 165   Comments: 0

1957 Chevy Pro Street Project sold and headed to a new home in Alvin Texas. Good to see there are still a few young folks out there who want to build a classic... ...

The road trip to LARS

  Views: 479   Comments: 17

Here are some of the pics from the road trip and also a couple tours a some places !...

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