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Timing Question

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My '33 has a heavily modified 383 Chevy Stroker in it (turned just over 600 hp on an engine dyno) and needs 36 degrees total timing to get the maximum performance. I'm running an MSD 6AL system with an MSD pro-billet mechanical advance distributor, part number 85551. I changed the advance stop bushing to a 23 degree unit, which I thought would reduce my initial timing to a minimum of 13 degrees, although I'm ok up to about 18 degrees, Right now, the initial won't go below 22 degrees, giving s...

Happy holidays

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New Supporting Vendor Car Show Depot

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Are you looking for a Show Board that you DON'T have to.......
Be careful when transporting or storing it in fear of damaging the corners or denting it
Worry that it might de-laminate or if it gets wet the colors run
Chase it down if the wind picks up
Worry about it looking like everyone else's
Purchase an easel to be able to display it in front of the vehicle
Well, Car Show Depot has solved all of the above issues with their line of Retractable Show Boards. ...

Please Welcome Our New Vendor Shoebox Central

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Shoebox Central is owned and operated by Chris and Hollie Whittington. We specialize in 49-53 Ford and Mercury parts. We take your needs seriously and are the most knowledgeable parts professionals in the 49-53 Ford and Mercury parts business. We can help you with any new or used part you need and will take the time to answer all of your questions and advise on technical matters free of charge as always. When you call Shoebox Central, you are getting much more than an order taker, you get someon...


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This thing is like a real small version convertible ! picked IT UP AT THE CHARLOTTE AUTO FAIR ! rust free car ! ...

New logo

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This has been a very busy year with designing the new firewall rubber boot ,meeting with the mold manufacture in making 4 new molds and doing last minute changes to it to make it better Then going to shows to kinda show off the products and playing salesman and designing a new logo ! ...

Torque convertors

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I recently installed a new 350/290 Chevy performance create engine and reused my stock 1975 TH350 transmission (maybe around 1300 rpm stall). The engine seems to idle a little rough and tends to stall until the engine is warmed up.The installation instructions indicated a 'torque convertor with a higher stall speed on automatic transmissions' may be required. Chevrolet performance suggested a 2500 rpm stall however that's way more than I want for just a Sunday cruiser.
Has anyone been able to u...

Please Visit Phoenix Transmission Products

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Please Visit Phoenix Transmission Products. Phoenix is one of our vendors and based here in Texas. Please take a minute and visit their web site. They also have a standard discount for veterans. 

We have two unique and specialized facilities. The ...

Rack & Pinion

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What is the best rack to use? If I remember correct, a thunderbird? What year model? Going on a 48 Ford convert....

1953 chevy 3100 with s10 frame rear disc brakes

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I can't seem to obtain the correct length ebrake cables to work in my 53 chevy pickup with the on the floor, between the seat ebrake handle. The S10 disc brake rearend uses the clevis type cable. ...

Gear Box Adjustment

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Gear Box Adjustment. Does anyone know how to adjust the slack in this under dash gear box???...


  Views: 377   Comments: 11

34 roadster grille is a 33
350sbc/th 350/9in 3.00 /all ultra leather & trunk /m2 style frt leaf in rear...


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Does anybody know a working email to Lecarra Steering Wheels...

Texting and driving

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Texting and driving . Wow do as I say not as I do... I hope they pulled the records on this one...

Chassis Engineering, Inc Closing

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From the Chassis Engineering, Inc. web site and Facebook:

"It has been a fun 53 years of Street Rodding, but today we are closing our garage doors, packing up our tools, and preparing for new adventures.
To all our loyal customers, dealers and friends, we would like to say thank you, it has been an honor.
Keep your eyes on the Chassis Engineering Inc. website and Facebook page (link) after Thanksgiving to check out our online SWAP MEET for remaining kits AND some historic treasures found in...

What transmission is it

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What transmission is it. Changing the leaking pan gasket on a 1931 model A. What transmission do you think it is...



  Views: 457   Comments: 15

New Firewall Steering Column rubber boot seal ! Finally a solution to a old problem now solved and looks good !!!...

454 with throttle body

  Views: 428   Comments: 12

just picked up a nice chevy 454 engine with throttle body and turbo 400 trans
can i just replace intake and add carb. what distributor do i use? hei?...

Numbers on 55 chevy hard top

  Views: 338   Comments: 8

Iam building a 55 chevy hard top I noticed some numbers on hinge pillar by the I'D tag stamped in metal DR 16-502 What is this....

Chassis Components

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I have a 32' chassis by Pete & Jakes. It is equipped with urethane bushed rod ends on the hair pins, ladder bars, and panhard bars.
I also have a roadster that is equipped with heim joints on all of the road ends. What is your preference and why? I appreciate any and all opinions....

Forum Post without Photos

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Forum Post without Photos. I add photos to posts that do not have photos. Most of the time I select a photo that relates to the topic at hand. Every once in a while I miss the mark a little just for the fun of it all. If you have a photo that you want posted and are unable to add it to your post please email it to me and I will get the photo or photos on the site. Keep up the good work and post every thing that you are doing. We are the last remaining old timers who are doing anything these days...

Wilwood Brake Recall

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I just received my new Street Rodder yesterday and saw a blurb in it about a recall of certain Wilwood master cyliders with 7/8" bores. I googled it and found this from Wilwood:

A little help needed

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I have what I think is a '76-'78 Mustang II rack for my '37 Ford, but unfortunately the fittings in the rack are not in the same place as the one in my '33. I want to be sure I'm connecting the right hoses to the right place, but can't find a clear answer online and my casting number doesn't seem to match what I have found.

I've attached a number of photos to see if I have this right. I'm assuming the large line out of the bottom of the reservoir is the high pressure suppy line to the GM ty...

This works every time

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A retired older couple return to a Mercedes dealership where the salesman has just sold the car they were interested in to a beautiful blonde in a very revealing outfit.

The old man was visibly upset. He spoke to the salesman sharply. "Young man, I thought you said you would hold that car till we raised the $55,000 asking price," said the older man. "Yet I just heard you closed the deal for $45,000 to the lovely young lady there."

"And if I remember right, you had insisted there was no w...

Best Car Batteries For Your Car

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Car batteries are something we all need every single day of our lives. We now live in a connected age, with electric cars on the horizon. This means that the battery segment is soon to witness a boom. Our experts have compiled every sort of information which you might need to keep in mind. Want to know more information about Car Batteries Please visit my website


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Need any info to upgrade front end suspension for 50 merc without cutting off existing front end

pictures more pictures

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Is it just me or do some of you other guys and gals have trouble posting pictures. I would post more often on different subjects but when it comes time to ad pics I get confused and delete the whole subject. If you could make it easier i believe you would have more people participate and get more members and subjects. I know it always comes down to send them to willy and he will post them for you. Their has to be a better and easier way. When I post on ebay or craigs list I can post over 20 p...

Why you need insurance on your Classic

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Why you need insurance on your Classic. I just got back from a show in Oklahoma and met a guy who had a very nice 1957 Chevy convertible. The car was super nice except for the smashed front end. The guy hit a deer on his way in during the early morning hours. What a mess. I did not ask if he had insurance. I know I drive my builders from time to time with no insurance but I guess most of us do... Good luck out there. Willie Moore...

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