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Where is everyone

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Jim Mothershead,
Where are you?...

House in California

  Views: 154   Comments: 6

Been out here now for a week and a half fixing stuff and repairing stuff that the former person that I did a lease option to buy ! It didn't work out had to evict him !He's in jail now ! So on we go and giving lots of stuff away !...

Very Stcky GM Sterring Wheel

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This is a strange problem. The steering wheel in my streetrod looks like one off of a 72 - 78 Camaro. It's that plastic 4-spoke unit, that GM used a lot through that period. The previous owner appears to of have liberally coated it with Armour All, I'm guessing. Anyways, it's sticky like fly paper! I thought wet wipes would do the trick, because of the alcohol content, but it only moderates it for a brief time, and still not all the way. Even thought about pulling it and running it t...

Anybody going to Myrtle Beach

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Going to be a little cool at the Myrtle Beach Car show this week end ! Going to be bringing the Black 32 Ford roadster to the show ! It has a lot of pinstripping on the trunk lid and gas tank with purple rims and WWW ! Hope to see ya there ! Stop buy and say HI !

Jeff & Tad ...

Slowly but surely

  Views: 155   Comments: 2

Well gradually the paint and polish is coming to an end but what a pain to sand and polish the underside of the front fenders. I thought the inside of the deck lid was going to do me in, but the underside of the front fenders has that beat. Not only too many sharp corners, but all the surfaces are curved to boot. Finally finished ONE.....not looking forward to the other one. I wonder how long that paint will last once it hits the road? The paint on the underside of the '33 still looks good aft...


  Views: 88   Comments: 2

Great show at my booth in Texas !...

The Swedes 1959 Chevy Working Hard

  Views: 381   Comments: 0

The Swedes Mats and Miss Anna are working hard on their 1959 Chevy.They are back in Texas and very hard at it. This time we are replacing the rear floor pans and the trunk pan.Work on the engine hook up continues and we are going to replace all the glass. Willie Moore StreetRodding. The Swedes 1959 Chevy Working Hard...

Ground Strap

  Views: 840   Comments: 22

If I'm running a ground strap from the engine to the frame, does it need to be substantial like 0/1? I know I've heard that running from a bell housing bolt to the frame is good. Ring in here guys! Thanks!...

Please visit our supporting vendor Vintage Air

  Views: 351   Comments: 2

Please visit our supporting vendor Vintage Air.

Vintage Air is a revered name within the street rod industry and the entire automotive aftermarket. Whether you run A/C or not in your hot rod the odds are you’ve heard of Vintage Air and are well aware of the quality product that comes out of the San Antonio, Texas based company. Even OEM’s such as Ford Motor Company have handpicked Vintage Air to handle the cooling and heating chores within their prized possession…the Ford GT.

A prized his...

Please Visit Our Vendor Studleys Independent

  Views: 1610   Comments: 18

Distributers for AlDan Coilover Shocks, American Wheels, Bitchin Products, Custom Auto Radiator, E-Z Wiring & Dolphin Gauges Flaming River, Jen E Distributing Company, TCI, Vintage Air Gereat folks to work with and high quality parts. Thanks for your support


Please Visit Our Vendor BackYard Buddy Car Lifts

  Views: 1365   Comments: 12

Treat yourself to the best tool you’ll ever buy for your home garage. A BACKYARD BUDDY freestanding 4 post car lift makes working on your project car or everyday vehicle easy, fun and safe. No more cold concrete floor and jack stands! A number of different built-in jack options make it easy to do whatever you want on your car or truck. Backyard Buddy offers a full-line of American made 7000 and 9000 pound capacity lifts for cars, trucks and recreational vehicles of all kinds. We have be...

StreetRodding in Austin Texas

  Views: 177   Comments: 2

StreetRodding in Austin Texas. We made it into Austin on Wednesday and had a great evening. The weather is super and the cars are showing up by the hundreds. Today we cruised up to Marble Falls Texas and enjoyed some great BBQ at Inmans Ranch House BBQ . If you are in Texas get on over here for the show on Saturday... Willie Moore...

Looking for parts 1935 Chevy Master

  Views: 110   Comments: 1

Looking for parts 1935 Chevy Master Looking for trunk lid hinges and also a front bumper. Searching for a friend. His number is 612-756-4737...

1934 Vicky Door handles

  Views: 133   Comments: 3

1934 Vicky Door handles I finished the passengers side today so I am done for now. Getting ready to head out to the Lone Star Round up on Wednesday. Looking forward to a great time with Kenny Daily and the Swedes at the show. Hope to see you there.... ...

Please Visit Phoenix Transmission Products

  Views: 592   Comments: 4

Please Visit Phoenix Transmission Products. Phoenix is one of our vendors and based here in Texas. Please take a minute and visit their web site. They also have a standard discount for veterans. 

We have two unique and specialized facilities. The ...

Interior Door Handles 1934 Ford Vicky

  Views: 366   Comments: 5

Interior Door Handles 1934 Ford Vicky. I bought the 34 last week. Super nice and solid car. Great paint and interior. The door handles on the inside were not working. The poppers work great but without the handles working on the inside i was concerned. My thought was if the poppers fail and the car catches fire I would not able to squeeze through the window. So I pulled the door panel and found that the builder never hooked the inside handles up. He would have had to make a small bracket to get ...

Need a little advice

  Views: 271   Comments: 3

Need a little advice on a seat for the model A. Need to get something that sits as close to the floor as possible, yet enough support and padding to take on a road trip. I'm 6'3" and want to chop the coupe 5 inches. We're leaving the coupe un-channeled and would still like to have an upholstered, stock-ish style seat versus a bare metal bomber seat. Any ideas or pics?...

1936 Chevy New Instrument Panel

  Views: 369   Comments: 8

1936 Chevy New Instrument Panel. I have been working on my 36 Chevy Coupe for a few months now, Mostly a few hours here and there while working on several other projects. I have the new billet dash panel and a new set of gauges that I am going to install. I used a saw to cut out the orig dash so the new panel can go in. Here are a few photos. Let me know what your thoughts are. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

302 Windsor double V belt alternator pulley setup

  Views: 152   Comments: 0

302 Windsor double alternator pulley setup

Hi all I thought I would post some photos of my double alternator pulley setup as I couldn't find any information online or photos when looking for advice.

I purchased a 200amp Powermaster alternator, fitted it to the Limousine but we had constant belt slip.
A serpentine belt system was my next option to try to avoid the belt slip but we decided to go with a Powermaster double pulley.
Pretty straight froward job.
The engine is a 302 windsor i...

Intelltronix digital gauges

  Views: 937   Comments: 8

Has anyone had any experience with these gauges?

Studley's open house & N.S.R.A. appreciation day

  Views: 247   Comments: 2

Weather was a factor today no rain or snow but a little cold and cloudy with the sun popping in and out ! They had over 120 cars and some pretty high quality cars !...

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