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Door Glass Runner

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The gentleman that passed away, and restored my car did a fairly good job, but now I'm doing some things to the car I want to change, and some maintenance items. The front door glass runners need replaced. Get this, he pulled the venta-payne assemblies before repaint, and replaced the belt line whiskers, venta-payne seals, and the rear window quarter seals. Why he didn't replace the front glass runners while he had that all apart is a mystery to me.

At any rate, I have the unit out, and my fa...

Exhaust Advice Needed 1

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I have a hole about the size of a quarter in one of the mufflers on my Skyliner. I went to an out of town auction a few weeks ago, in Marietta, and of course the ride home was getting a little louder as I got nearer to home. This car has the exhaust that runs through the x-frame. Waldorn has a nice system, and they have optional muffler tones. Waldron wants $120 to send it to me from Michigan to Ohio, so the system already is kinda pricey, and in my mind, that puts it over the top.


New rubber boot to cover bracket

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Do you have this metal bracket (picture one) mounted to your steering column ? Well I have a RUBBER BOOT cover that will hide that on inside or outside of the firewall ,plus it will stop the hot air ,dust, and the THERMO heat coming up the column . The rubber boot absolves it . (picture two) Now it looks finished off and easy installation. Picture three shows a cutaway of the rubber boot !...

Things you find at a real parts store

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Things you find at a real parts store. We have a local parts house that has been here for 50 years. We are lucky to have these guys in town because they have just about everything. Brake yoke that fits a 1950 GMC...

From Vac to 12V Wiper System

  Views: 153   Comments: 4

I got caught in the rain again with my 57 Ford a couple of weeks ago. I use Rainex, but there is still nothing like having good wipers when those big fat raindrops are coming down. My vacuum wipers work, but they are still lees than adequate. I can't see spending $110 on another vacuum wiper motor, just to end up with the same thing. The vacuum assist on the fuel pump, to me does very little. So I ordered the kit to convert the system over to 12V.

I have the switch installed, and the...

SX Performance inline fuel pumps and filters

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I purchased an SX Performance inline fuel pump and set of matching filters couple of years ago for an LS project with EFI. The company that makes them is Essex Aerospace (hence the brand SX) but I cannot find their website nor any distributor. I see used stuff on eBay but I would like to buy some more parts directly. Anyone know where to get these? Their primary competitor was/is Aeromotive. Thanks....


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I hope all is going well with everybody and hope to see ya at the N.S.R.A. show in Louisville,KY. I will be working registration on Wednesday volunteering in the morning . I have a booth in the building next to Mc Milian Rod that does all the stainless trim pieces custom made for interior trim and exterior and bumpers for cars and trucks . Oh and they do a excellent work !. My booth number is 507- 8 Hope to see ya and I have extra chairs to rest your dogs in (feet) !...

StreetRodding T Shirt

  Views: 214   Comments: 10

StreetRodding T Shirt Showing his colors with pride. One old time rodder ...

The Swedes New Garage

  Views: 169   Comments: 3

The Swedes New Garage. Mats is working on his new garage so he will have a place to store a few of his 1959 Chevy's Willie Moore ...

Brakes 1950 GMC Jimmy Thompson

  Views: 154   Comments: 2

Brakes 1950 GMC Jimmy Thompson. Work continues on the 1950 GMC. We have pulled all the brakes apart, Flushed the brake lines, Pulled the master for replacement, Replaced all the wheel cylinders, Rubber brake lines, Wheel seals and repacking the front wheel bearings. Amazingly most of the parts are available next day at Houston warehouses. Installed the new fuel tank and making good progress. ...

LED's and Cruise Control

  Views: 149   Comments: 6

After a friend told me my '48 Ford's brake lights were hard to see, I replaced the 1157 bulbs with taillight lenses that have 40 LED's embedded in each lens and plug into the 1157 socket. I've got really bright tail and brake lights now,but the cruise stopped working. I've Googled the issue and found that I probably need to install a resistor so the cruise is fooled into thinking the old 1157 bulbs are there. Has anyone tried this and does it work? The car has a Rostra Ultra Cruise II....

46 Plymouth P15 Special Deluxe Coupe

  Views: 190   Comments: 5

Brought a 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe. Looking for any information on buying parts to build a street rod. Any websites?? Any builder's advice?? Thanks...

Shoebox Central Supporting Vendor

  Views: 201   Comments: 2

Welcome to the new Shoebox Central store! Please take time to register your account on the new site for access to Forums and other features.

Shoebox Central will ship parts internationally. Email us at or give us a call at 405-259-9222 and we will ensure you get the best shipping rates possible. Visit their web site today Willie Moore

Thank You

Shoebox Central...

JJ at it again

  Views: 251   Comments: 4

In between painting doing some fiberglass work on a T- Bucket glassing fiberglass body to plywood floor getting straight on the frame...

Supporting Vendor Door to Door transport

  Views: 48   Comments: 0

Supporting Vendor Door to Door transport, Great folks I have been working with Roy for years and shipped hundreds of cars with Door To Door. Call today for all you shipping needs Willie Moore ...

Supporting Vendor Classical Gas

  Views: 198   Comments: 1

Please Supporting Vendor Classical Gas. They have many cool Street Rods and Muscle cars for sale. Great folks who will make your buying experience a real pleasure. ...

Supporting Vendor Flaming River

  Views: 20   Comments: 0

Supporting Vendor Flaming River. Visit Flaming river today and check out all the new editions. Willie Moore ...

Supporting Vendor Absolute Sheet Metal

  Views: 28   Comments: 0

Supporting Vendor Absolute Sheet Metal. Please visit their site today. Great folks and great products. Willie Moore


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My favorites...

New video on Loading photos

  Views: 64   Comments: 3

New video on Loading photos. Just added a video on how to use the multiple photo loader. Please check out the video and let me know if you have any questions. Willie Moore...

Edlebrock intake and carb combination

  Views: 235   Comments: 6

I have a 5.7 (350) with edlebrock aluminum heads, edlebrock 2201 cam, an RPM AirGap square bore intake, mounted with a Edlebrock 1406 carburetor. All in excellent condition.
It struggles to restart after warming/coming to temp, and then sitting for 15 minutes or so. Almost like it is flooded but not.
Edlebrock site does not recommend using a 1406 with the RPM AirGap intakes. In fact it says not to.

So what are your thoughts to eleviate the problem.
A) Change the carburetor to the Thu...

2018 Frog Follies new t shirt

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Shirts are only available at the fairgrounds, not online or over the phone. Great quality and let's
everyone know that you went to the "real' Rod Run...

Just a Test

  Views: 334   Comments: 14

Maybe I can get it right this time? we will see shortly..........

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