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new display

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Been working on my display for S.E.M.A. show and have one done ! Will be in Booth 32298 ! Come see me and say anything !!!...

1936 Chevy Coupe Body Work

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1936 Chevy Coupe Body Work. The coupe tail [pan was cracked on both sides. I removed the filler at the seam so I could see what the issue was. The seams were poorly welded on both sides. I welded up both sides and also added a piece of square tubing across the rear tail pan of the 36 to remove the flex. Now I am starting to refill with the stranded filler. Should be ready for primer tomorrow. Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Side curtain scoop

  Views: 40   Comments: 2

The alternator on my 34 Ford protrudes into the side curtain slightly and I want to add a scoop to the side curtain to give me the added room I need to be able to install the side curtain without it hitting the curtain. The problem I'm having is locating this steel scoop. I've seen them and even had one on the side curtain of a previous car I owned years ago, but for the life of me can't seem to locate one now. Any help would be appreciated....

Importing a car from Canada to Texas

  Views: 51   Comments: 1

I have someone in Arlington, Texas interested in buying my '79 Mustang 5 liter. A rat chewed up the leather upholstery and the insurance company wrote it off and I bought it back. Unfortunately it now has a salvage title, but has gone through the British Columbia safety inspection. It's a survivor car, in the family since new, just turned 22,000 miles and is completely rust free, original paint, garage kept and drives like a new car. Has anyone imported a car from Canada recently that could ...

What's the secret to removfing these wires

  Views: 127   Comments: 3

I'd like to remove some wires from the female side of a 4" GM steering column plug, but can't seem to find the secret. I can get them out of the male side no problem, but haven't been able to find out how to do the female side. This picture isn't the actual plug, but will show the type of plug. Thanks, Bill


Best Sustainable Car Batteries for Your Vehicle

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The Battery is certainly one of the most fundamental things to look forward while talking about the technicalities of the cars. And hence, it is quite obvious that one is going to have a look at the best car batteries available on the market. If the list of top manufacturers of car batteries are observed closely, Exide is going to features there. To know more about car batteries please click here [url=]Best Car Batteriez[/url]...

New Photo Uploader added to StreetRodding

  Views: 104   Comments: 5

New Photo Uploader added to StreetRodding. I have changed the photo upload process so that now we can add multiple photos on each entry without having to load photos one at a time. Check it out and let me know what you think. Willie Moore...

New Supporting Vendor Car Show Depot

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Are you looking for a Show Board that you DON'T have to.......
Be careful when transporting or storing it in fear of damaging the corners or denting it
Worry that it might de-laminate or if it gets wet the colors run
Chase it down if the wind picks up
Worry about it looking like everyone else's
Purchase an easel to be able to display it in front of the vehicle
Well, Car Show Depot has solved all of the above issues with their line of Retractable Show Boards. ...

Why Need Auto Transport Services for Relocation

  Views: 114   Comments: 0

Many people would wonder why auto transportation services are so important when families plan to relocate. There is always the option of driving your way to the final destination or simply selling off your car to get a new one. These are all valid arguments and these are most preferred options among families who have to relocate. At times this is not the case for them for a lot of reasons.
Being shifted to another locality is a ...

Car Museum in Gulf Port MS

  Views: 94   Comments: 2

Car Museum in Gulf Port MS. Stopped in and visited a local museum in Gulf Port. Nice and small with some cool cars to check out. A few muscle car and several old sports cars. ...

A sleep at the wheel

  Views: 939   Comments: 12

Crash on the way to b'ham al not much left totaled all three.No I was not driving & no one got hurt just a little sore.Those big concrete power poles refuse to move...

Options wanted

  Views: 406   Comments: 10

I have started working again on a 48 Ford convertible that i have had for over 20 years. Back then, I set it up for a TH350 transmission. I have been thinking about something with OD now. But the rear gear is a 273. My thoughts now are 273 & OD would not be good together. What are you guys thoughts?



  Views: 102   Comments: 4

New Firewall Steering Column rubber boot seal ! Finally a solution to a old problem now solved and looks good !!!...

Please Visit Phoenix Transmission Products

  Views: 860   Comments: 5

Please Visit Phoenix Transmission Products. Phoenix is one of our vendors and based here in Texas. Please take a minute and visit their web site. They also have a standard discount for veterans. 

We have two unique and specialized facilities. The ...

My new ride

  Views: 141   Comments: 6

I sold the 39 chevy and bought this 1964 ford falcon ranchero....

Jim in Good-Guys Gazette Today

  Views: 361   Comments: 6

Hey everyone, I just got my Good-Guys Gazette today, and a frequent poster (of friendly advice) on here has a picture of his rod, and he got an award.

Congradulations to Jim Mothershead....


  Views: 387   Comments: 7

What is the remedy to stop the spiders and cob webs in your garage. I have sprayed and cleaned and with in a week it seems like they are back. I hope some of you will have a answer. THANKS Ron...

Bob Drake Windshield Seal

  Views: 102   Comments: 0

Does anyone have a Bob Drake windshield seal for a '37 Ford that can give me the dimensions of the leg that pushes into the windshield frame? The length I'm looking for is the the leg with the hook on it, between the tip of the hook and the rubber seal that pushes up against the frame. I have a Dennis Carpenter one, but the leg on that one is too short. I can't find anyone that has a Bob Drake one in stock, including Bob Drake. Thanks, Bill...

Please Welcome Our New Vendor Shoebox Central

  Views: 906   Comments: 5

Shoebox Central is owned and operated by Chris and Hollie Whittington. We specialize in 49-53 Ford and Mercury parts. We take your needs seriously and are the most knowledgeable parts professionals in the 49-53 Ford and Mercury parts business. We can help you with any new or used part you need and will take the time to answer all of your questions and advise on technical matters free of charge as always. When you call Shoebox Central, you are getting much more than an order taker, you get someon...

Headed to the Bayou Round Up

  Views: 138   Comments: 0

Headed to the Bayou Round Up We will be there. Was a great show last year and I am sure this year will be great as well. Things are still pretty bad here in Texas from the flooding and it came a hell of a rain today. ...

Charlotte Auto Fair

  Views: 70   Comments: 0

At the Auto Fair Show this weekend Sept 21 started today ...

Bo Huff

  Views: 134   Comments: 2

A friend of mine has a 50 Merc and were trying to figure out if Bo Huff built it and when. I know that Bo died but his son JR might know. Anyone with his phone number so we can see if he knows anything. /Users/ronstrand/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/2b/00/2b88/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2b88.jpg...

New to the site

  Views: 586   Comments: 11

So... any thoughts or suggestions to get me on the right track would be greatly appreciated....

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