Father's Day Show in LA

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Wingate, NC

The tradition show in Pomona Ca, known as the LA Roadster show on Father's Day !
Just a little up date as the show was taken over by John Buck last year as he is a promoter of car shows/ As the people went out there said it was very poor attendance for cars and people ! I for one drove my 32 roadster out there with my Austrian side kick Rodney Frood and the rest of the Great Gray Beards ! When we got there to enter every time we have been there, they pretty much tell you where to park and make you park about 5 feet from the next car over ! That should of been a clue as we pulled in nobody telling us where to park ! So we go and find a spot and park and there is hardly no cars and that is very weird ! The closet car parking next to me was about 30 feet away and that was one of our group ! Any way enough of last years ! Heard through good source the entrance fee is $50.00 (thats what pissed people off) pre registered is $35.00 which in all terms isn't bad as for all the years I have gone , since 1982 and if you drove in a finished painted roadster it was free pre 37 and down ! Ok ,times have changed ! But now they opened it up to 1977 and down ! In my opinion they have destroyed the show and the LA Roadster older members have to be rolling in there graves !


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  • tazhog54
    Apr 21, 2018 at 9:47 AM

  • Heard a rumor that Good guys was looking to buy the show. Is what I heard ! Then I heard they bought it so who knows step in as this is just a rumor no stated facts !

  • okie34
    Apr 21, 2018 at 9:13 AM

  • I'm afraid the Lonestar Roundup is going to go that way. I already see a relaxing of the 1963 and down rule on the cars. Getting to be about the money. I hope not. Anybody hear anything about the Continentals selling the show?

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