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Please Visit Our Vendor BackYard Buddy Car Lifts

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Treat yourself to the best tool you’ll ever buy for your home garage. A BACKYARD BUDDY freestanding 4 post car lift makes working on your project car or everyday vehicle easy, fun and safe. No more cold concrete floor and jack stands! A number of different built-in jack options make it easy to do whatever you want on your car or truck. Backyard Buddy offers a full-line of American made 7000 and 9000 pound capacity lifts for cars, trucks and recreational vehicles of all kinds. We have be...

Happy 4TH Of July My Friends

  Views: 619   Comments: 6

Happy 4TH Of July My Friends. As we visit with our Family and friends today take a minute. Have a drink, Some great food and enjoy the day. We have a lot of 2016 left to enjoy and many more car shows to attend. Hang Out!!!...

Ostrich Leather

  Views: 201   Comments: 7

I'm considering some small accent panels in ostrich leather in my '37 seats. Has anyone used it and if so, does it start to show wear around the feather holes after a while? Thanks, Bill...

Rear End Noise

  Views: 108   Comments: 2

The rear end in my '33 has started making a new noise. It's hard to describe in words, but is a sort of rarrr, rarrr. rarrr, pulsing noise going from loud to quiet in a regular pattern, increasing with speed and decreasing as you slow down. It doesn't seem to do it as much under moderate throttle, but does it most at a comfortable cruising speed. It doesn't seem as bad when slowing down either. The rear end is a Ford 9", nodular case, Currie axles, Richmond 4:11 gears, Auburn limited slip. ...

1941 Chrysler Royal

  Views: 303   Comments: 3

1941 Chrysler Royal that was shipped in from MO back in December has finally left for Norway. The car was shipped in to my shop and the idiot that the car was bought from as well as the shipper never bothered to check for any possible loose parts. The hood was not bolted on and the trunk was not latched closed. So needless to say the hood was missing and several of the hood bars were lost in transit. I finally located the missing parts but it did take close to 5 months to locate the needed parts...

Wade Hughs

  Views: 197   Comments: 4

I'm looking at getting my 47 repainted and I have Wade Hughes Flames on the car. Is he still in business or retired? ...

LED Headlights

  Views: 118   Comments: 2

I'm looking at Watson's Street Works LED head lights and was wondering if they are worth the money? Any of you guys have them? How do you like them?...

1959 Chevy Airport Limo Build

  Views: 102   Comments: 0

1959 Chevy Airport Limo Build. Work has began. We have the car off the frame and getting ready to blast the frame. ...

Temp Gauge

  Views: 184   Comments: 4

I bought a set of Dolphin electric gauges several years ago and I am just now getting around to installing them. I finished hooking up the gauges and when I turned on the ignition the temp gauge pegged to 250+ degrees. I started the car and the gauge didn't move. I checked the connections and everything is grounded correctly, I did not use any Teflon tape of thread sealant on the sending unit. I contacted Dolphin and they said it was probably a bad sending unit. I guess it could be bad even...

Cobra Radiator cooling fan relay

  Views: 197   Comments: 1

Finally got a few minutes to install the new cooling fan relay on my Cobra. The new Radiator cooling fan relay is a painless and came with great instructions. I hope to complete the install this weekend and check it out. I also posted a photo of the old relay and all the feedback was negative on the existing relay. It failed on the Cobra and the fan stayed on all the time.

Thanks for all the feed back... Willie Moore StreetRodding...

Some of the Places At Roadster stops LA

  Views: 129   Comments: 1

Stop at the annual Thumper and Flo's party as this is the last! 16 years been putting it on for the people that come to the show !...

LA Roadster show

  Views: 151   Comments: 1

Drove out with the Great Gray Beards in my topless 32 Ford Roadster to the L A show ! VERY LOW car turn out when we got there and even surprised at our hotel not very many cars when we pulled in ! The car count was lucky if it made half ,show was OK but even spectator was way down ! The swap meet on Friday was good but on Saturday most people where packing up by noon ! We left on Sunday and was told that the roadster area was a ghost town ! When we parked Saturday nobody was there to park us...

Cooling Fan Relay Kit Any Feedback

  Views: 280   Comments: 5

I am replacing an adjustable relay in my Cobra.

This looks like a good set up to run off a thermostat and a manual switch. What do you think???

Installing air conditioning to your hot rod? Need a cooling fan relay to operate off of a thermostatic switch and when your a/c is on? The dual activation cooling fan relay kits by Painless Performance are exactly what you need. Only a few minutes for the installation and your cooling fan will come on when the engine reaches the preset temper...

Looking for a Electro Lock with the pop out for a

  Views: 138   Comments: 1

Looking for a Electro Lock with the pop out for a 1931 Chevy

Driving your car and enjoying it is what this hobby is all about. Anyway, for a driver you can go with an aftermarket electro lock and it will give you years of good service. Aftermarket electro locks are fairly easy to locate and you can pick up a new old replacement stock unit for around $75 or so. The OEM "pop out" electro locks are harder to locate and they usually command a lot more money as well.

If you have any ideas pleas...

Doing some welding in an old trailer

  Views: 418   Comments: 2

Doing some welding in an old trailer. welding anew tongue on an old trailer. This trailer has been in service for many years and from time to time we need to add new steel. ...

Whats is it worth Chevy Corvette

  Views: 373   Comments: 6

Vehicle has 32900 original miles. I am the third title holder. Had 27400 when I aquired it Jan. 2016. Its totally stock original with the exception of, battery, alternator, and exhaust pipes. Every gauge, light and accessories work as new. Has original a6 compressor for a/c with R12 and blows good and cold.
L48 engine runs strong, no smoke on start up or under WOT. Tilt/Tele wheel, rear window defrost, power windows smooth and quiet, heck the clock even works. T Tops do not rattle.
Really nic...

Steering Column Question

  Views: 260   Comments: 10

Need a little help here guys. Can anybody tell me on an after market steering column like Flaming River or Ididit, is there any play in and out on the shaft? That meaning if the column is mounted and hooked to nothing, could you push the shaft up into the column like an inch? Also, when you mount the borgeson joint to the column, how close should it be to the bottom of the tube? And for that matter, how much shaft should in each joint? Flush to the bottom of the collar or what?

I've got a p...

1966 Cobra Rear Axle Bearings

  Views: 322   Comments: 6

1966 Cobra Rear Axle Bearings. I noticed a little gear oil leaking out of the axle housing on my 1966 Cobra. I removed the axle on the passengers side and see that the o ring that is on the outside of the sealed axle bearing is hard and flat. The bearing is in good condition but the O ring is shot. I have been looking for just the O ring but no one seems to have the O ring. For that matter advanced auto does not even stock the bearing. I am thinking of buying the new bearing and just robbing the...

Cooling Fan Relay

  Views: 135   Comments: 1

Cooling Fan Relay. Just picked up this new cooling fan relay for my Cobra. Have you used this one??? ...

1966 Cobra Rear Axle Seal Repair

  Views: 201   Comments: 3

1966 Cobra Rear Axle Seal Repair. I pulled the rear axles on my cobra to repair a small seal leak. The rear end is a Ford 9 inch after market built rear end. The bearings are sealed and use an O ring on the outer race to keep the gear oil from leaking out. I went to the local parts house and what a real waste of time that was. No one there had ever seen this type of bearing and for sure did not know anything about a 1966 Cobra. So after extensive internet research I was unable to locate the O ri...

Front Lower Control Arm Bushings

  Views: 176   Comments: 1

Working on my cobra lower control arm bushings. The cobra has very few miles but the lower control arm bushings are in pretty bad shape. My guess is that due to the age the bushings have dry rotted and need to be replaced. Does anyone have any idea where I might locate some replacements???...

1941 Chrysler Royal Hood

  Views: 253   Comments: 2

1941 Chrysler Royal Hood. I finally located the hood for the 41 Chrysler. The hood was lost off the car when it was shipped down from Missouri. It is hard to believe that a person you are buying a car from would not even bother to verify the hood was bolted down and that the trunk was not latched down or at least tied down. One would think the driver should have taken 5 minutes and looked the car over before taking off. I would have never imagined the level of stupidity associated with these ...

Engine Shipping

  Views: 443   Comments: 5

Just shipped a pallet of 409 engine parts from Houston to Ohio. There is actually a company that ships engines and parts. The cost was only $550.00 which I think is really cheap. The pallet weight was close to 1300 pounds. The company number is 800-998-2100 Fast pick up and delivery....

Cooling Fan Does Not Shut Off

  Views: 296   Comments: 3

Cooling Fan Does Not Shut Off. MY new ride has an electric fan and a controller. The controller has an adjustment that when turned does not feel like it does much. The fan runs anytime the ignition is on. Has anyone had one of these controllers fail??...

Chevrolet 350 coolant direction

  Views: 254   Comments: 5

I have a spacer in my thermostat housing so that I can run the supply line to the heater core out of it, as both locations in the intake are blocked with A/C and Alternator.

Currently I have the thermostat in the original position, with the spacer, heater hose and temperature sender in the spacer above the thermostat. I'm having trouble with the temperature readings and the heater blows cold at times, so wondering if the heater hose and spacer should be below the thermostat. The hot water i...

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