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Pro street step side

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Just moving stuff around in the garage and had to replace the paws on the truck as just sitting here they blew both front tires about a day apart ! Thought i had a flat as the truck was leaning ,came in the next day and it was level! First thought the wife pumped up the tire ,but when I looked at them them where down on the rims ! Tried to put air in but that was a no go ! They blew out the thread on top on both of them ! Less than 500 miles on them ! Put them on around 1988 ! Oh well shit happ...

A honor

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Well moving alone in trying to get this product off the ground Street Rodder magazine did a article on it in this month's magazine April issue with a Black Studebaker on it ! Did I say what page ? It's 16 up on Top in New Products ! Thanks !...

Model A truck Build

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Model A truck Build Working hard getting the motor installed. Hope to be road ready in the next few weeks. The weather is getting better everyday......

Insulation on the 34 Ford

  Views: 488   Comments: 13

I just completed the install on the fender on my 1934 Ford and it looks like a million bucks. Now that I have that done I pulled the seats and installing new DYNAMAT on the floors. As you can see by the photos there was some really cheap insulation used by the builder. The insulation I believe is used for commercial AC install on homes. Let me know what you think. ...

1934 Ford Phanton

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Well ,the time has come to start working on my 1934 Ford Phanton,as I've had it for over 20+ years ! So the color is going to be the new Ford 2017 Burgundy red that's on the f 250 Ford P/U . The interior will be done in stressed Buffalo leather which is a dark brown tan color and the top will be in a tan /brown with steel wheels and hub caps and trim rings So moving from the storage sid eof the garage to the work shop Now that I cleaned it up and have room !!! So the fun begins !...

Wiring A 1936 Chevy Coupe

  Views: 494   Comments: 7

Wiring A 1936 Chevy Coupe Progress continues. Installing a new wiring harness. Also ordered a new fuel cell and new dash insert. Trying to spend an hour or two on it each day. ...

Please Visit Our Vendor Autobarn

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Please visit Autobarn. They are one of our long standing supporters at Autobarn has a great inventory of classic cars and they will help with all the details.

Radiator out of my 1936 Chevy Coupe

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Radiator out of my 1936 Chevy Coupe. I am thinking I will RECORE this stock 1936 Radiator. I am running a bumpy small block Chevy. The radiator is the stock 36. What do you think will it cool the small block being a 3 row with a mechanical fan and an electric fan on the front of the radiator?...

Gasholes car club just finished project

  Views: 197   Comments: 2

Gasholes car club just finished project Some great work here. As we go through life I have my greatest pleasure from taking junk and making it into something great. Great Job...

Fender Welting 1934 Ford Sedan

  Views: 850   Comments: 18

Fender Welting 1934 Ford Sedan. We I have been thinking about it for years now and finally decided to pull the running boards and fenders off my 1934 to install the fender welting. Not a bad job and I get to spend a few quiet hours in the shop. Here are a few photos. More to follow. ...

Last parts done

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These are the last of the body parts, just the radiator left. Using House of Kolor jet black with 2% silver pearl, shot with my Anest Iwata gun, 3 coats of base and 4 coats of clear, both sides of the fenders. I'll let these sit and cure for a while now before colour sanding and polishing. I've got a bunch of small parts ready for colour sanding now, so by the time I've finished those, these will be cured enough. I've still got the underside of the running boards to do, but I'm going to use a b...


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For the life of me, I am unable to find any way to unsubscribe from you'r service. Please let me know what sort of magic is required. Thank you very much....

Nearly done painting

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Last of the body parts - getting ready to spray again on Saturday. Other than the rad and a couple fender braces, this is the end of the painting. It'll be a bit of a challenge spraying upside down for the underside of the fenders, but it should work out ok. I wish I could say it was the end of the sanding and polishing, but that day will come........Thanks to Carla for helping me hang all this stuff....

Please Visit our Supporting Vendor JJ Best

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Please Visit our Supporting Vendor JJ Best No matter your passion or preference for classic cars, we are confident you will find what you need in terms of loans and collector car financing with us. We have served a wide variety of satisfied clients over the years, and we are known to provide exceptional services when it comes to collector car financing. If you have an interest in classic and collector vehicles, look no further than our team to help you obtain these cars in the smartest possible ...

Artillery wheels

  Views: 297   Comments: 4

Considering a set of artillery wheels for the Vicky, need 15" and 16" want to keep my tires, but have found no one who sells the 16" size. Wheelsmith won't make them and no one else offers them. Any suggestions. I can get smoothies as a substitute in 16" if I want them....

1936 Chevy Progress Continues

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1936 Chevy Progress Continues. I have not had much time to work on the 36 with the Holidays and such going on. Life tends to get in the way of what I really want to be doing. Hanging in the garage with a beer and some good music. Or the sound of a running Bog Block Chevy. So with that said I am trying to spend a few minutes in the shop each day so that I can get the 36 road ready again. I installed the new Alternator bracket today. With the new aluminum radiator that I installed the long water p...

Attn, 49TORP

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I see you are asking how to unsubscribe from this site?
Well here is the best way: Set up a bookmark for this site on the left of your screen. This would be used to quickly go to this site. Then after it is set up, just never click on it! Soon your entry will vanish into the pages in the back that no one views anymore and you will certainly be forgotten at that point.

I see you are confused and asking what kind of "Magic" is required? I guess the problem is you are not on a site for Warlo...


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My youngest Grand Daughter use to like to go with me all the time. I had it restored for the Forth time, only this time we had a local body shop do it. Sorry but my son and i did a lot better work. I think they put paint on before the Primer dried, it has some cracks in trunk.Street & Stream did the Interior....

Paint gun

  Views: 528   Comments: 9

I have painted a few cars in my time, but never used a HVLP gun. Used a cheapie HF Yesterday primering my "39". Could'nt believe the lack of over spray and results. Don't know why I waited so long to try this! Now to talk my wife into buying a nice HVLP finish gun ...

210 to 230

  Views: 200   Comments: 1

your temperature gauge might be off by 10 to 20 degrees MAYBE!!
just get used to the temperature on the gauge if its not pushing coolant out


  Views: 319   Comments: 8

I lost all pictures on this sight. No pics on street rods for sale or riders forum or any place on this sight. is it my computer or a problem with the sight....

hot 39

  Views: 356   Comments: 7

Hi everyone, first time on here so if im doing anything wrong please just say. I have a 39 chev coupe, has a mild 454 big block, the radiator I have is copper cored, 4 core 22.5" x 15" (core size less tanks) I am using an electric water pump, no t/stat (atm) I have two 12" pusher fans on the front of the radiator with a shroud!! Fans are out of a Mercedes v8. I have a "gangster" style, lazer cut grill from chevs of the 40's, I struggle to keep it below 210deg on the highway yet at slower speeds ...

Please Visit Our Vendor Flaming River

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Please visit flaming river and thank them for being a lone standing supporter of They have a lot of great parts and are always ready to help with your build.

Fellow Rodders Changes to StreetRodding

  Views: 656   Comments: 12

Fellow Rodders Changes to StreetRodding. Well my friends we are 1.5 years into the many changes that have been taking place here at It has been a great 2016 and I wanted to take a minute and thank all our supporters. I would like to ask that you comment on the changes that you like and the changes that you do not like. We are always working to make a better place daily.

Thanks again Willie Moore SRADMIN...

Doing some welding in an old trailer

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Doing some welding in an old trailer. welding anew tongue on an old trailer. This trailer has been in service for many years and from time to time we need to add new steel. ...

The Swede Saving American Iron

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The Swede Saving American Iron. My friends Mats and miss Anna from Sweden have 18 1959 Chevy's of all models including a 1959 Airport Limo. Progress continues on the 59 sedan with the new motor and transmission installed. He will be headed back to Sweden Wednesday and progress will be on hold until he returns in April. So back to the snow and I am sure he will be missing the great Texas Weather. Stay thirsty my friend. ...

The Swedes 1959 Chevy Sedan

  Views: 287   Comments: 3

The Swedes1959 Chevy Sedan. We have been working on a 1959 Chevy 2 door sedan. We have replaced the brakes, brake lines, fuel lines, shocks, Master cylinder, Removed all the glass and replacing with new, Welding up some rust, Installing a new interior and many other small mechanical items. We will be installing the new motor and transmission later in the week. ...

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