1932 Ford Pickup - $34,500.00

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1932 Ford Pickup 1932 Ford Pick Up Custom
1932 Ford Pick Up

Mr. Henry Ford knew he had a hit with his Model T, Model A, and Model B but probably didn't realize that many years down the road his 1932 Model B would become the ultimate king of Street Rods. There is no denying that in todays world the 1932 Ford is the ultimate Street Rod. Everyone has their personal favorite and we aren't denying that but it is hard to give name another vehicle of this vintage that has become a staple in the Street Rodding world. The stance, the body lines, the construction, everything about a 32 just gives you ultimate hot rod feel. This 32 Pick Up is a great example of that and has had a ton of work done to transform it into what it is today. The body is all original steel except for the bed. The bed is aftermarket but is all steel as well. It was completed towards the end of 2016 out of California and really has that old school Cali custom style. Since completed it has been used as a show car and racked up only 200 miles since fully completed. Due to that the truck has freshly completed look. This is especially evident when you start looking underneath it and see it is just as clean as the top. The car is painted in a very nice PPG Red paint that has a beautiful finish. One of the most eye catching features of the truck is all of the extremely high quality custom pinstriping done in a Black and off White color combo. The artist absolutely did not hold back at all as he laid awesome pinstriping on the grill shell, headlights, dash, motor, gas tank, tailgate and even the wood bed. It really takes it from a Pick Up to a work of art. The top on the car has been chopped around 2 inches and is very subtle. It changes up the look of the side profile without being too radical or overdone. It has a nice steel grill shell up front tucked behind a stock style headlight bar to create a great looking front end. Behind the grill shell are hidden turn signals. In back it has the louvered tailgate sitting between vintage taillights. The wheels are from a 40 Ford and are fitted with Mercury hubcaps. It has taller tires in back which gives it a slight rake for the perfect hot rod stance.

The car runs without a hood so you know the front end and motor have to be looking good. It is one thing if they are hiding behind steel but with no fenders so much is exposed so it better look right. Well no complaints here because despite having a newer crate 350 Chevy motor it has been dressed up in a very cool Old School way. A lot of engine components are painted in a Bronze color which nicely contrasts the Red and of course features that very clean pinstriping work. The motor features a '57 Chevy manifold, Edelbrock carburetor, and chrome air cleaner. The aluminum radiator keeps it running cool and it has no problems in the Texas heat. That transmission is a Turbo 350 automatic that shifts well and transfers power back to the 9 inch Ford rear end that came out of a Bronco. The suspension consists of a SoCal drop front axle, Speedway coil overs in the rear and front/rear SoCal ladder bars. Sticking with the old school style it has 40 Ford front brakes with finned hubs and drilled backing plates. The steering box is from Speedway and is the Vega style. Underneath the car is very clean with a nice combination of painted to match parts including the 32 Kiwi frame which is also Red. It also has a custom made louvered stainless panel underneath the back. Other nice features include the EZ wiring kit and tube mufflers.

The interior of the car is very clean and it is obvious the car is fresh. It is done in Tan and all of the upholstery is new. On the floor is a Lokar shifter and the pedals are chrome and from SoCal. In front of the driver is a polished Speedway column topped off with a Quick Change steering wheel. The dash is all custom painted and kept very clean with only the Stewart Warner gauges in a nice engine turned bezel there to draw your eyes away from the killer pinstriping. It has a remote batter cutoff under the seat with the battery mounted behind the seat.

If you are looking for a newly built truck and want to avoid the hassle of doing it yourself then look no further. Any collector will tell you that you couldn't build a car for the price of one already completed so now is your chance to do just that!

This cool Pickup could be yours for $34,500.00!

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