1971 Ford Mustang - $24,950.00

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1971 Ford Mustang 1971 FORD MUSTANG MACH 1

Is there anything that says "American Muscle Car" more than the classic Mustang? These cars are icons for the muscle car era and even today are one of the most popular classics to own. This 71 Mustang is a true Mach 1 and is in excellent condition throughout. It was originally Red but has been redone in Blue. All of the Mach 1 stripes and graphics were laid down as paint versus the vinyl decals you see on a lot of this style of car. The stripes are under the clear coat so everything has a nice smooth finish. The paint on it is new so it has a really fresh look. The bumpers are new as well and nicely chromed. If you prefer the painted look the car does come with a painted to match front bumper. You see a lot of these with the rear window vents which it comes with but they are not currently installed. The ram air hood is original to the car as it was ordered with the ram air option. It comes with a Marti Report which confirms this information. The polished aluminum Magnum 500 wheels look excellent on the car and are brand new as are the tires.

Let's look at the numbers! The following is the door plate decoded.

1 1971

F Built at Dearborn

05 Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof

M 351-4V

224,238 124,238th Ford vehicle schedule for production

07/71 Built July of 1971

63R Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof

3 Bright Red Paint

5E Vermilion Clarion Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Bucket Seats

9 3.25 standard axle ratio

U C6 automatic Transmission

41 Chicago ordering District

It is powered by a 429 c.i. V8 motor that runs great and is paired with a C6 automatic transmission. It has just received a new battery, new shocks, new brakes, and new exhaust. In fact about $5,200 was just spent on the car having a shop that specializes in Mustang go completely through it repairing and replacing things as needed. The car was factory ordered with power steering and power front disc brakes which it still has. The car runs down the road great and has lots of power. Just listening to the car you can tell it is no slouch.

The interior in it is all brand new as well and done in Black. The bucket seats up front look great and are separated by the factory center console. All of the gauges, switches, and trim pieces on the inside look good as well and everything works. The car comes with a Marti report as well as some additional parts.

A true American Muscle Car for $39,500.00!



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