1971 VW Other - $10,750.00

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1971 VW Other 1971 Volkswagen Beetle
1971 Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen was first formed in 1937 and has cemented itself in automotive history. It continues to show that it has a place in the market being the largest automaker by worldwide sales in 2016. These cars are incredibly fun to drive and have a following all their own. One of the coolest things the classic Beetle has to offer is they are inexpensive to purchase and inexpensive to work one with parts available all over the world. They have been the base for some of the coolest cars around finding a spot in the custom car world along with dragsters, originals and everything in between. This 71 Volkswagen takes that classic original look and modifies it just slightly to create on cool looking Beetle that gets looks wherever you take it. The body is painted in a nice Red paint and is topped with the original style stainless trim pieces. The paint was just redone in late 2019. The biggest modification on the car is the addition of the wider fenders which really does a lot to change up the look. The fenders are 3 inches wider than stock and although that may not seem like much they really give it a cool lower custom appearance than your typical bug. They were purchased from Glass Action out of Prescott, AZ. All of the lights are the original style but LED turn signals have been added up front. The glass is all in good shape and it has the optional push out rear windows. The other appearance change is thanks to the American Racing Wheels with fresh tires which are wider in the back.

Getting those tires turning is the 1600 cc motor in the back that runs great. It doesn't have any mechanical issues and has plenty of power. As we mentioned before, parts for these motors are easy to find and they are fairly easy to work on. If you are interested in getting into the classic car world but don't have a ton of mechanical knowledge these cars are a good place to start. Paired with the engine is a 4 speed manual transmission that shifts well. The suspension system on the car has been entirely rebuilt and it has 2 inch drop spindles up front. Disc brakes are also in place up front and drums it back. The brakes stop well with no issues.

The interior of the car is all Black and done in the stock style. A ton of things were just replaced to freshen it up and it looks great. The padded dash is new along with the all new upholstery, new headliner and new carpet. The only real modification on the inside is the addition of the Grant GT steering wheel. Everything works on the car and the only thing we would say it needs is possibly a stereo. It does not have a radio currently but one could be easily added should the new owner decide they want one.

This cool VW has a great look and has been well cared for. It has belonged to the same owner for 8 years but it is time to find it a new home where it can be enjoyed.

This Beetle could be yours for only $10,750.00!

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