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Salisbury, VT

A build thread chronicling my journey while building a 1967 Dodge Coronet 500 resto mod street car.
Hello all.
I'm a retired combat veteran with 30 years in the US Army in combat aviation. OIF/OEF combat vet. I'm 100% disabled with moderately severe TBI & PTSD as well as physical injuries. This isn't how I dreamed about spending my retirement years but I cannot complain as I have all my limbs and can still do stuff that I enjoy. It just takes six times longer.
We live in Vermont in a log cabin on 11 acres surrounded by farms. Idyllic.
In 2014 as I was awaiting retirement and disability from the service I needed a hobby, or so my boss (wife) said. She scoured the ads looking for a project car so I would get out of her lovely hair.
She found one that had just been posted on NY state CL and showed it to me. I called the lady right away and said, " DONT SELL IT! I'm on my way from VT with a trailer & cash."
She agreed and away I went with my pal Rick and a trailer.
The car was everything the ad purported it to be and then some.
I paid the lady and we loaded up the 67 Coronet coupe.
I pulled it into my garage under it's own power, as It was a running and drivable car. That was October of 2014.

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  • will547
    Oct 16, 2021 at 12:52 PM

  • Awesome story thanks for posting Willie Moore

  • ghostridersixseven
    Oct 11, 2021 at 2:47 PM

  • Mods:
    Front to back------ Front bumper sectioned, shortened, turn signal rectangular holes filled, recurved to fit the new fender noses and to hug the sheet metal. Also enlarged the center license plate cut out into a ram airduct.
    1967 Charger grill and revolving headlights. Custom elec motors, mounts and linkages.
    Front fender noses swept back to a 90* angle ( Think 70 Road Runner).
    Front disc brakes swap from a 76 Aspen.
    All rubber bumpers and bearings replaced.
    Inner fender close out smooth panels to hide wiring etc.
    Smooth firewall with relocated wiper motor to under dash as is everything previously on the firewall.
    Battery to box behind passenger seat.
    Wiring pass through tubes running along outside of inner fender just below the fender mounting flanges and into the cab through the firewall.
    Wiring passthrough boots in the door frames.
    2004 Audi A6 Quattro dash/console /steering and center pull E Brake. And everything in/on the dash console too.
    Audi door panel elements fabricated into new panels that align with the Audi dash.
    Puddle lights and rear facing marker light on the rear face of the inner door surface so it can be seen when the door is opened.
    Power everything.
    Custom steering linkages.
    dual M/C and new hoses/lines.
    10 way, power/heated bucket seats leather.
    1967 Plymouth Sport Fury rear seat topper mounted just behind bucket seat tops and close out roadster type panels from there to the back glass. (Think 59 Corvette)
    Audi armrest with 4 analog gauges hidden inside.
    GPS speedo
    spare tire under the roadster panels in what would have been the center of the rear seat. Close out panel between cab and trunk.
    Fabricated shift linkage and lever. Hand made pistol grip and reverse lock out.
    Fake quarter panel side scoops opened up.
    dual motorcycle pop up gas filler caps, one on top of each quarter near the trunk lid front corners.
    fabricate he entire rear face of the car to accept 1966 Thunder Bird tail lights.
    Trunk lid on gas lifts
    17 gallon fuel cell with dual filler necks.
    trunk close out panels
    rear wells tubbed
    leaf springs relocated to under frame.
    center pull E Brake cables
    move spring perches
    remove spare tire well
    1970 RoadRunner rear bumper lengthened 4 5/8" and recurved to hug the sheet metal. TTI exhaust to exit through those back up light holes.
    Remote trunk release.
    'shave gas filler door
    ditch the 318 in favor of a built 440 Magnum, and build a 727.

  • ghostridersixseven
    Sep 28, 2021 at 9:11 PM

  • Well, I bungled adding a photo at the beginning to have show up with the thread. Very confusing for me.

    The following is a build outline/list of mods that I wanted to make/ have made to the Express. Many were thought up on day one after much consideration and the rest have cropped along the way in various ways and have been incorporated into the build after due consideration.
    My main thrust was/is to make changes that pleased me, were doable with my abilities and equipment, would enhance the cars appearance, and most importantly would blend with the cars original design and look. Nothing gaudy or out of place. I wanted to make changes that were subtle and hard to notice. Ones that a casual onlooker would see and wonder what had changed, why it looked different. I hope that I have achieved this.
    So, some pictures from the beginning going forward..........

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