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By visiting our forum, you've joined a vibrant community of enthusiasts, dedicated hotrod builders and classic car collectors. Like all communities, we have a few basic "House Rules" that you should know and abide by, so that everyone has the same opportunity to learn and exchange ideas. Anyone found violating these Community Guidelines may have membership terminated at the sole discretion of SRADMIN.


You are required to register as a member of the community to post on the forum, or anywhere else in the website. You can post comments to social media (Facebook / Twitter) via the dynamic social media bar. All comments may be subject to review by SRADMIN after being posted by a member. Note that moderation isn't necessarily censorship. The SRADMIN will allow any comment as long as it falls within these Community Guidelines. Below is a non-exhaustive list of what can get your comment edited or deleted:
Links to sites with viruses, spyware, and other malware
Insults, bullying, and other personal attacks
Profanity or other content inappropriate for an all-ages audience
Trolling or other comments posted in bad faith
Any other behavior that, at SRADMIN discretion, detracts from a friendly, engaging, helpful and productive conversation
Attempting to sell or soliciting to buy or trade any vehicle outside the "Street Rods For Sale" area.


We require everyone to use a single identity (user name and email address) for all comments. If we see someone posting under multiple aliases or with phony email addresses, we reserve the right to ban all their comments and delete the account. Please respect others! Every classic vehicle is precious to its owner, regardless of make, model, value or condition. Before posting a critical comment about a fellow hotrod enthusiast, private seller, dealer, or auction house remember classic vehicles are, by definition, complex machines and any two reasonable people can disagree on just about any aspect of a vehicle's condition and/or the terms of a sale. Our community is not a complaints registry. It's a place to discuss the shared camaraderie of the hobby. Please post in this spirit!


If you see any behavior that should be brought to the SRADMIN's attention, please contact the SRADMIN ( Thanks for participating!

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