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Confirm a basic Wiring Issue

OK, this is where this site becomes a basic tool.   I want to confirm my thoughts on some wiring.   The previous owner makes me want to leave nothing to chance.   I'm swapping my engine and trans, plus some other items.   The distributor is not wired up yet, and for some reason my starter will not engage.  I took it out to verify it's operation.   I want to bump the moto over to install my flex plate to converter bolts.  Makes me wonder if the ignition system was carrying the load for the starter before???

I want the start wiring to be energized when the key in in the start mode.   I also want the start wiring (solenoid terminal S) hot, along with the run wiring when the key is in the on position.   ie.., remain running after I let off the key.   I want the accessory position to activate the accessories, but not the ignition, as this can be hard on the coil and electronic module/pickup in the distributor.   FYI: The radio works in the ACC position and the run position now.

Current tests for the 12+ (terminal strip on the firewall):

Key off terminals: 1, 8 

Key start position 1,3,6,8

Key on position: 1,4,6,7,8

Acc position is hot 12 volts: 1,4,8

So I am thinking that I want my coil and distributor on terminal #6?

And I am thinking I want my starter solenoid (terminal S hot) to land on terminal #3

The game is to get the starter to engage when the key is all the way over, and when released stop the feed to the starter but leave the ignition componants hot.  The accessory position is live but not the ignition.

This all seem correct?


  1. Jim Mothershead says:

    Whose wiring kit is that ? Call me Jim 410 535 1933, Washington DC area

  2. Gene Freeman says:

    It is not.. From way back when.....the donor car the guy used is a 1971 Chevy suburban. I'm thinking a year or two down the road a winter project will be to get a 26 circuit fuse box, and harness from speedway. I was hoping to ask some questions on here about things like the ignition switch, and the like (the switch, not the lock) but heck answers on this board seem far and few between these days. Now I am getting scared about rewiring the thing. BTW Jim, I figured it out.

  3. Jim Mothershead says:

    410 535 1933, Jim

  4. Jim Mothershead says:

    Is it fixed ? Jim

  5. Jim Mothershead says:

    Gene Glad you did it. No problems, no fun with hot rods Jim

  6. Jim Mothershead says:


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