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OK, I have a new engine, no heater core, and the radiator is dried out.   Evans coolant tells me that I likely do not need to run the prep fluid through my engine.   I always Thought that the waterless coolants transfered more heat, and lasted longer.  The chart Evan sent me does not seem to show more watts of heat transfered.   BTW, this chart is in C not F.  Am I reading this right?   Why would anyone ever use the waterless coolants?   Anyone have any experience with this?


  1. Jay Bird says:

    Heres my take. I used a specialized coolant once . I bought a radiator from a company and they sent me a free gallon and highly recommended that I use their coolant. The warnings were not clear;y spelled out. I had a very bad electrolysis situation that ate the radiator, caked over the thermostat, ate the intake manifold and blocked the passages on the head. This occurred as the car sat over the winter. Their reply was that I should have run a battery cable as a ground from the radiator to the block directly.. My message is just be careful. Not saying that Evans is bad in any way (my problem was with another company) but regular coolant works just fine and is proven. Just my 2 cents Jaybird

  2. Jay Bird says:

    .........and yes I followed all of their cleanout and prep instructions to a T

  3. Gene Freeman says:

    Thank you, i am thankful for your response Jay Bird.

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