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What the hell the cost is $2.00

What the hell the cost is $2.00. Why not change the terminal out Willie Moore Streetrodding


  1. Gene Freeman says:

    And that looks like welder wire, which I was taught is a no-no because the strands are different.

  2. Jim Mothershead says:

    Current travels around each strand of the cable = more strands, more current flow. Welding cable is the ultimate.. I have wired about 90 hot rods since 1957. Master electrician in 23 jurisdictions. Right, buy the smaller terminal....looks like a fire is around the corner... been there in 1958 on our first date = FIRE ! I did not strap the battery cable to the inner fender panle...hit the exhaust manifold ...burn ! I had put a 283 in my first car, a 1950 Chevy Belair hardtop, the day before. Cruizin, Jim 410 535 1933

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